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Authentic Historical Miniatures
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We have designed all of the furniture on these pages to complement our workshop projects.

You may notice that at the moment, apart from one or two pieces, our furniture is Tudor in design. - this has been in response to the number of requests that we have had for furniture items of this period. We hope to incorporate pieces from other historical eras in the future.

We also produce a limited range of furniture which has been made from timber which is over three hundred years old, trees growing when Elizabeth I was on the throne. We salvaged the wood from an old church in Catford, SE London that was being demolished.

Just click on any of the photos on this and any following pages  to see a larger picture, pricing details and to purchase the item.

Please remember that our site is being revamped and will be updated regularly over the next few weeks as we design more furniture and accessories and will soon contain far more detail - Please keep checking back to us! For all new additions check out the What’s New page.

Tudor Bath
TF1TudorBath Roasting Almonds
TF2AlmondRoaster Undressed
4 poster bed
TF3 - UndressedTudorFourPoster Truckle Bed
TF4TruckleBed Dress 4 Poster Bed
TF5DressedFourposter Table and Benches
TF7Table&Benches Undressed Halftester
Tudor Furniture
1/12thFurniture2 Blanket Box
TF6LinenChest Dressed Halftester
1/12th Scale Furniture
1/24th Scale
TF16Linenfold chest
Linenfold Chest
Long Refectory
HS2LongRefectory Welsh Stool
HS4Chest Stool
HS5Stool Short Refectory
HS3ShortRefectory Settle