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Tudor Cooked Food
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A number of our cooked dishes, for example Sergeant of the King’s Salmon have been interpreted from Tudor cookbooks available at Hampton Court Palace in England. We had great fun cooking these up!

Boar’s Head
Boarshead Roast pork
Roast Pork Roast Lamb
RoastLeg Lamb Sergeant of the
King’s Salmon
KingsSalmon Salmon Pies
SalmonPies Raised Game

Tudors used breadcrumbs as thickening and not flour.

Gingerbread was originally made from bread - a mixture of crumbs, honey and spices.

Baking trays were made of hardened pastry and were called ‘coffins’.

Marchpane is the Tudor form of marzipan, it was commonly gilded and coloured.

Ippocras was a richly spiced Tudor mulled wine - but their spicing levels were much higher than we would use today.

Cooked Tudor