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Authentic Historical Miniatures
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Tudor Cakes, Bread & Puddings
Plate of Jumbles
TudorJumbles Tudor Milk Jelly3 Tudor Milk Jelly Tudor Milk Jelly5 Tudor Milk Jelly6 Tudor Milk Jelly7 TudorMilkJelly17 TudorMilkJelly15 Tudor Milk Jelly12 Tudor Food
A selection of Gilded Milk Jelly and Marchpane Desserts. Just click on the
Photos to get more details of each one.
Tudor Milk Jelly2 Tudor Milk Jelly4 Tudor Milk Jelly8 Tudor Milk Jelly9 Tudor Milk Jelly10 Tudor Milk Jelly11 TudorMilkJelly16 Tudor Milk Jelly13 Tudor Milk Jelly14 Cooked Dishes Uncooked Dishes Dry Goods Food Displays Fruit and Veg Meat, Poultry & Fish Dairy and Eggs Bread,Cakes & Puds